7 Items Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

There are certain clothing items that you just cannot live without. These are the items that you’re going to find yourself needing at one point or another and it’s better to grab them now from your favorite fashion clothing boutique than to find yourself scrambling to the nearest Target when you are desperate for them. 

At Style Vibes Boutique, we offer affordable trendy clothes to fit all of the categories below so you can rest easy knowing that all of your wardrobe essentials are right here in one place. Read on and make sure to add any items you’re missing to your cart! 

Must-Have Items In Your Closet

Tank Tops For Layering

Plain tank tops are essential for when you need to add a few layers. Whether you’re traveling and want to wear a warm flannel over a cool tank top or you’re heading out to a job interview and suddenly realize that new blouse you just bought definitely shows your bra, a plain tank top is necessary. 

A Lacey Bralette

Lacy bralettes aren’t just for looking cute for that special someone. They are the perfect item to wear under a too-big shirt or you can even wear them as a crop top on a hot summer day. They are also ideal for when you are lounging around the house and want to feel comfortable and cute. 

A Pair Black Jeans

Most people have blue jeans that they love, but do you have a pair of go-to black jeans? Black jeans can be worn to the club or on a nice date when it’s too chilly to put on a dress (or if you just don’t like wearing dresses)! They can also be worn in a pinch for a last-minute job interview or for a meeting with clients if you realize you don’t have any dress pants on hand. 

A Hat For A Bad Hair Day

Everyone has bad hair days where you just hate your hair no matter what you do with it. When those days come, make sure you have a cute hat to throw on over the debacle so you can stop looking in the mirror and get on with your day. Our favorite sassy hats for sale for bad hair days our the “I Can’t Adult Today” hat and the very blunt “Bad Hair Day” hat.  

A Cardigan

Just as we mentioned above that you should have tanks for layering, you should also have a cardigan or two in your closet. These are perfect for working in a chilly office, throwing on for an evening walk, or bringing to a movie where it might be a little cold. You can also pair them with scarves and leggings for a cute fall look. 

A Pair Of Thick Leggings

Speaking of leggings, every girl needs a pair of thick, non-see-through leggings. Most of us have half a dozen pairs of leggings in our closet that are so cheap or well-worn that if your shirt or cardigan doesn’t cover your butt, you’re going to be giving on more of a show than you intended! A pair of thick leggings can be worn on those days where you absolutely refuse to wear pants (and trust us, we’ve all been there). Whether you’re bloated and your jeans just don’t fit right now or you are sick and just want to be comfy, you can throw on a pair of good-quality leggings with a t-shirt or hoodie and make it through the day.

A Pair Of Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are a must for any season. Even if your winters are frigid and snowy, you never know when you’re going to be swept away on a whirlwind vacation to Puerto Vallarta or Orlando. It’s a good idea to always have at least one pair of denim shorts that you love in your closet. Pro-tip: always keep a pair of shorts in your closet a size bigger than you normally wear so you can account for days when you’re a little bloated or are deep into your third bowl of pasta to ward off the cold winter! 

Stock Your Closet With Style Vibes Boutique

Our fashion clothing boutique has all of the cute and trendy clothes you need at affordable prices. If you’re missing any of the items above or you just want to restock your closet, make sure to shop our store and get everything you need in one place! 

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