Tips For Layering Clothing This Fall

Fall is here! While we’d like to curl up in our jammies and sip hot chocolate by the fire as much as the next person, many of us still have the same responsibilities we did during summer — now it’s just colder! Now is the perfect time to start layering your clothing to create new and unique looks. 

If you’re a stranger to layering, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many people think that they just don’t look good in layers, but that’s not true! Sometimes it just takes some trial and error to discover what works best for your body. It’s easy for a petite person to be swallowed up by their layers or for someone with an athletic build to look bulky. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered — literally! Keep reading below to learn some layering tips and tricks from Style Vibes, your online fashion boutique. Be sure to also shop our collection of affordable trendy clothes to find any missing pieces you need! 

Tips To Be A Layering Pro

Invest In A Good Pair Of Leggings

Leggings are a key piece of most layered outfits. While you can certainly layer over jeans, dresses, and skirts, when in doubt, throw on a pair of black leggings. Make sure that your leggings are thick and not see-through. It might be fine while your long cardigan is on, but if you take it off and you’re just in a t-shirt, you don’t want to be distracted by having see-through leggings. 

Play With Patterns

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns. At the same time, be careful to not combine patterns that clash. For example, polka dots and plaid have very different feelings, but plaid and checkers can complement one another. Be sure to keep a solid layer between patterned layers to avoid a harsh juxtaposition. 

Choose Coordinating Fabrics

Just like you don’t want to mix too many wild patterns, you also want to ensure that your fabrics are coordinating. A soft cashmere might look odd paired with a grungy plaid shirt, and similarly, a silk scarf would look out of place with a knit sweater. Be sure that the fabrics you are choosing to wear evoke the same emotion. Are they cozy? Are they breezy? Are they sophisticated? 

Have Removable Pieces

One of the greatest things about layering is the ability to remove layers as necessary. Your walk to work might be frigid, but the office could be nice and toasty. Pieces should be easy to take off and put on so that you’re always ready to go when you need to. 

Think Of the Outfit In Stages

You want to make sure that your outfit looks complete no matter how many layers you lose or keep on. If that vest looks cute under your jacket but looks odd without the jacket on, consider trying a different piece. 

Play With Heights

Your clothes can easily overwhelm you if you don’t know how to play with heights. If your shirt, cardigan, denim jacket, and scarf all hit the same place on your thighs, you’re going to look disproportionately larger on top than on bottom. Instead, try tucking a few layers into your jeans, wearing a cardigan or vest that hits perfectly at your waist, and topping it off with a longer pea coat or parka. This will help create depth and also help to ensure you aren’t being swallowed up by your clothes. 

Keep It Breathable

Layers are great for keeping warm, but you also don’t want to get too warm, otherwise, you’ll end up in four layers that are soaked with sweat instead of just one layer. You can help combat this by keeping outer layers relatively lose so air can flow through them and make sure that your inner layers are made of a breathable material. Make sure to shop around Style Vibes for affordable trendy clothing that is breathable and perfect for layering

Match Your Accessories

When layering clothing, it is easy to go overboard when it comes to accessories. An easy way to avoid this and to help pull the entire outfit together is to choose accessories that are part of a set or from the same brand. For example, choose a matching beanie, scarf, and gloves for a cold day out. If you’re wearing a bohemian necklace, consider staying away from ultra-modern earrings. 

Understand Colors

Finally, keep the colors of your layers similarly themed or in a similar color family. For example, pastels of any color can typically be worn together and look amazing. However, mixing pastels with neons can look a little unkempt. Warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges go well together, as do cool colors such as blues, purples, and greens. If you throw on a layered outfit and something looks “off”, consider swapping one of your colored pieces for a neutral.  

Know Where To Find Affordable Trendy Clothes

Knowing where to find on-trend clothing that doesn’t break the bank is a major component of being an expert layerer. At Style Vibes, we always have fresh fashion pieces to take your wardrobe from summer to fall and beyond. 

We offer everything from base layers like strappy tanks and lacy bralettes to vests, cardigans, hoodies, scarves, outerwear, and all of the other pieces you need to look and feel amazing in your layers.

Being an expert at layering is all about trial and error. At Style Vibes, we only stock items that are stylish and trendy so that it’s hard to get it wrong! Shop Style Vibes today! 

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